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Expand-It™ 3 x Extension Plastic Tubes (35mm)

Model: #VC-EXT3PCE | Bunnings SKU: 00306586

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A completely fitted-out workshop can often be full of hard-to-reach areas behind tables and equipment that can be left to collect dust and mess over time. These Ryobi extension plastic tubes are designed to give your workshop vacuum that little bit of extra reach for tight areas and corners.

Don't bend yourself in awkward angles trying to reach behind tables and equipment - these 35mm extension tubes can help give your vacuums the extra length you need.

As part of Ryobi's Expand-It™ range of accessories and attachments, you can get more out of your power tools with attachments and parts that offer more versatility and function. Like with every other Ryobi product, you'll appreciate the high-quality manufacturing. Ryobi is a name you can depend on for a job well done.

To get a hold of these extension tubes or explore other Ryobi Expand-It™ accessories, contact your local Bunnings Warehouse to check for availability.

All Airwave tools and petrol powered tools are now eligible for a 2 year replacement warranty.

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Power Tools

Turbo Function: No

Combo Function: No

Washable: No

Telescopic: No

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