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Expand-It™ Blower Attachment

Model: #ABE04G | Bunnings SKU: 00247960

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Have you got an attachment-capable Ryobi or Homelite unit? This easy-to-attach Ryobi blower attachment can be used on your existing split shaft petrol line trimmer or brush cutter.

This model has a range of features including:

  • Quick and easy connection
  • 240kph air velocity and 7.9m3/min air volume
  • Builtin scraper for stubborn debris.

If you need a powerful blower attachment to clear the leaves or trimmings from your yard, this is the model for you. It adds an extra item to your collection of power garden tools, giving you more options when it comes to outdoor jobs.

Are you looking for versatile power tools that don't sacrifice quality? Ryobi is the name you can trust. With years of industry experience and a solid reputation, you know these tools and hardware won't let you down.

Available to order from your local Bunnings Warehouse.

All Airwave tools and petrol powered tools are now eligible for a 2 year replacement warranty.

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Blower Specification

Air Velocity : 240 km/h

Air Volume : 7.9 m3/min

Mulching: No

Bag: No

Expand-It™ Blower Attachment - Model ABE04G

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