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Rotary Brush Head

Model: #RPWA-RBA | Bunnings SKU: 0018776

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Save thousands on professional car cleaning with the RYOBI rotary brush head. The smallest gaps between panels of your car can normally only be cleaned by the professionals, with the right equipment. But with the help of the RYOBI rotary brush head, your average high pressure blaster is all you’ll need to achieve the same results.

Don’t risk scratching your car, motorbike or boat with harsh automated car washes. The gentle rotating brush and soft bristles move around painted surfaces without leaving a mark. With the 150mm head, you’ll be able to cut through any stubborn dirt, bird droppings or sap that have stuck on. For everyone from the classic car collector to your average driver, the RYOBI rotary brush head makes the perfect gift.
Get your RYOBI rotary brush head from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

  • Ideal for cars, motorbikes, boats, and around the home
  • 150mm head diameter
  • Rotating action to power through tough stains
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