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18V ONE+ 7.5L Sprayer Skin


OWS1870 SKU: 0089397

Tackle all spraying tasks with ease, with the help of the RYOBI 18V ONE+ 7L sprayer. This handy tool takes away all the stresses and strains of spraying your garden. Instead of pumping liquid, the 18V motor delivers a smooth flow of fluid for up to 12 hours on a 5.0Ah battery. And to smoothly deliver your herbicide, pesticide, cleaning fluids, or whatever else you need sprayed, the adjustable nozzle can always get the spray rates and distribution right.

The ONE+ sprayer even makes preparations for spraying as simple as its use. The unit includes a handy measuring cup, to accurately measure either your flow rate or simply the right ratio of materials to mix in your sprayer. You’ll even have the luxury of using the sprayer two-handed, one-handed, or with the sprayer supported by the included harness. No matter whether you’re cleaning or gardening, the RYOBI ONE+ 7L sprayer can make it easier than ever.

Grab your RYOBI 18V ONE+ 7L sprayer from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.

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  • Integrated measuring cup for easy measuring on the go
  • Adjustable nozzle to always get the perfect flow and pattern
  • Includes handy shoulder strap, which reduces fatigue when using the sprayer around the yard
  • Up to 12hours runtime on a 5.0Ah
  • Trigger lock on (cruise control)
Flow Rate
Fixed 0.38L Max per min
Adjustable fan or jet spray
Tank Capacity
Working pressure
18V ONE+ 7.5L Sprayer Skin (OWS1870)
Hose and spraying wand
Shoulder Strap
User Manual

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Ryobi ows1870 user manual
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Published: 12-13-2018
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