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18V ONE+ Bypass Lopper Skin


OLP1832B SKU: 0091629

Forget about manually cutting those branches and fronds in your yard - the RYOBI 18V ONE+ Bypass Lopper Skin does the hard work for you. For smaller branches that you need lopped cleanly, you can get them done with the lightweight and simple ONE+ Bypass Lopper. With the pull of a trigger, you can prune your trees and bushes back to exactly how you want them.

The RYOBI 18V Bypass Lopper  comes with all the extras you’ll need.  In under an hour, you can have your battery primed and ready to make over 100 cuts. And when you’re done lopping, your battery will be ready to power over 70 other tools in the ONE+ range. If you’re looking for the right tool for smaller lopping jobs, look no further than the RYOBI 18V ONE+ Bypass Lopper Skin.



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  • Ergonomic design for simple and strain-free use
  • Can deliver over 200 cuts on the 2.0Ah battery
  • Bypass cutting action delivers a cleaner cut – keeping your plants safe from disease
  • Easily operated either single or double-handed
Cutting Capacity
Runtime at 2.0Ah
200 cuts at 25mm
Bar Size
18V ONE+ Handheld Lopper
Blade Sheath
Branch Hook

18V ONE+ Handheld Lopper Skin - Model OLP1832B

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