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18V ONE+ Soldering Station


R18SO-0 SKU: 104876

You might not realise how versatile a soldering station is until you’ve used one. Traditionally associated with electronics, this Ryobi 18V ONE+ Soldering Station can be used in many craft applications, such as wood-burning, etching, fabric-cutting (to reduce fraying) and smoothing out the ridges in 3D printed models

Whether you’re tinkering with electronics, creating or signing your latest work of art, or cutting out a ‘cutting-edge’ fashion piece, you’ll find everything at your fingertips.

The Soldering Station comes with four different tips – point, chisel and drawing tip, as well as a cutting knife – that are stored on board, along with the soldering iron and a cleaning sponge.
The iron holder also stores and protects the soldering iron and your work bench during breaks or when it’s not being used.

This adjustable temperature dial lets you choose the appropriate temperature to suit the application and material you are working - in a range from 200°C to 480°C.

Plus, on a fully-charged 18V ONE+ 5Ah battery you’ll get around 200 minutes’ run time, which makes it so versatile when you don’t have to rely on a nearby power point. This means you can work in the shed, the garage, outdoors … anywhere you like. It’s a hobbyist’s dream tool.  Available at Bunnings.


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  • 4 different tips included  
  • Adjustable temperature dial  
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Power Consumption
Temperature range
200-480 °C
200 minutes (5.0ah battery)
Soldering Station (R18SO-0)
Point, Chisel, Drawing Tip and Cutting Knife
Solder coil

18V ONE+ Soldering Station - Model R18SO-0

Ryobi r18so 0 user manual
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