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600W Jigsaw

RJS850-K SKU: 00263130

The Ryobi 600W jigsaw packs a lot of power and features into a small package, cutting through all types of wood, plastic, drywall and even metals with relative ease and accuracy.

This versatile piece of equipment is a welcome addition to any handyman's arsenal and features an integrated LED light and included cut guide to help ensure the smoothness of each cut.

Various speed settings give you optimum control and versatility while its four-stage pendulum action provides fast, precise cuts.

This power tool is jam-packed with features such as:

  • Inbuilt dust blower and dust port to keep your workplace clean and your cutting lines clear
  • Included flush cutting blade can allow cutting up to vertical surface
  • Toolless blade changes
  • Base angle adjustment
  • SureLock safety feature
  • Edge guide and carry case included.
  • It has a cutting capacity of 85mm for wood, 20mm for aluminium and 9mm for steel. To see the Ryobi 600W jigsaw in action for yourself, or to browse Ryobi's range of quality power tools and hardware, call or visit your nearest Bunnings Warehouse to check availability.


    Price correct as of 23rd October 2019 11:02 PM AEDT

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    • Always work safely The LiveTool Indicator is designed to help prevent accident or injury from accidental startup or other electrical hazards. A blue LED light illuminates when the tool is plugged in and power is available to begin work. For safety reasons, you should always disconnect your tool from its power source when removing or changing accessories (such as grinding discs, router bits or drill bits). This is helpful in preventing accidents and injury, and any safety feature added to a power tool is a welcome addition.
    Angle Range (General)
    0 - 45 (left / right) degrees
    Preset Angles
    Stroke length
    23 mm
    Blade Speed
    500 - 3100 s/min
    Blade Fitment
    Disc Size
    6.35 x 100 x 1 mm
    Disc Type
    High Carbon Steel (wood)
    Blade Teeth
    10 TPI
    Blade Size
    6.35 x 100 x 1 mm
    Blade Type
    Bi-Metal (metal)
    Blade Teeth
    10 TPI
    Blade Size
    6.35 x 100 x 1.3 mm
    Blade Type
    High Carbon Steel Flush Cut (wood)
    Blade Teeth
    10 TPI
    Pendulum Adjustments
    Cutting Capacity 1
    85 mm
    Trigger Lock
    Variable Speed
    Constant Speed
    Laser Guide
    Work Light
    Spindle Lock
    Soft Start
    Dust Port
    Dust Blower
    Tool Free Change

    600W Jigsaw - Model RJS850-K

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