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AirGrip Laser Level

RELL1002 SKU: 0029126

Take level and accuracy to a whole new league with the RYOBI AirGrip compact laser level. This handy and high-tech replacement for the average spirit level takes the hassle out of levelling large or heavy objects that require 2 hands. The AirGrip system attaches the laser level to almost any flat and smooth surface. This means that any heavy frames or mirrors can be handled carefully, without balancing a traditional spirit level. There’s no need either for hooks, pins, tacks or tape to hold the unit to the wall. The vacuum-powered base can stick and unstick leaving absolutely no damage to the surface.

You can also expect far greater accuracy from the compact laser level. The on-board laser pointer can keep a true reading of level within only 3mm for up to 4 metres. With the right convenience and accuracy, the RYOBI AirGrip compact laser level is the ultimate in measuring true level.

Grab your RYOBI AirGrip compact laser level from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.



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  • Measures up to 4m to within 3mm
  • Sticks to almost any flat and smooth surface using AirGrip technology
  • Leaves surfaces unharmed
Battery Type
2 x AAA
Maximum measuring distance
88 grams
AirGrip Laser Level
AAA Battery