2 Stroke Semi Synthetic Oil (200ml)

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Keep all your 2 stroke power garden tools at their best by choosing Ryobi's 2 stroke semi-synthetic oil.

Ideal for your lawn mower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, generator, brushcutter or edger, this synthetic blend is engineered to optimise engine life and maintain performance.

Key specifications and benefits:

  • Reduces exhaust port blockages
  • Maximises spark plug life
  • Antiscuff properties
  • Ensures piston rings are free from deposits
  • Low smoke, low ash formulation.

Proper care is key to prolonging engine life, so be sure to follow all maintenance instructions provided in your manuals. When everything is moving freely without friction, your tools will generate less heat and engine parts will really go the distance.

This oil comes in a handy 200ml bottle, but if you're looking for a bigger option, you can pick up a 1L bottle instead.

To learn more about our purpose engineered 2 stroke semi-synthetic oil or to make a purchase, visit your nearest Bunnings Warehouse.



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