2400W Fixed Tube Blower Vacuum

RBV2400ESF SKU: 00286860

Leaves, dirt and debris have never been easier to keep at bay in your outdoor areas - the Ryobi 2400W fixed tube blower vacuum can clear it all quickly and easily.
Whether you're clearing leaves from your patio or blowing seeds and small branches from your footpath, this versatile power garden tool lets you tackle outdoor cleaning tasks with confidence.
Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, you'll love the combination of specs and features that help get the job done. Expect to find:

  • 2400W motor
  • Air velocity up to 375km/h
  • Air volume up to 16m3/min
  • Mulching ratio of 16:1.
  • Like every other tool in Ryobi's range of electric power garden tools, you can experience the high performance and great results offered by our blower vac. With correct operation and regular maintenance, your 2400W fixed tube blower vacuum will be up to the task for years to come.
    Get your Ryobi electric blower vac from your nearest Bunnings Warehouse today.


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Air Velocity
375 km/h
Mulching Ratio
16 to 1

2400W Fixed Tube Blower Vacuum - Model RBV2400ESF

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