51cc 2 Stroke Chainsaw (457mm)

RCS5145N SKU: 00242569

When you need a power garden tool for heavy-duty jobs, you can rely on our 51cc 2 stroke chainsaw. At RYOBI, our products are manufactured to a high standard of dependability, operator safety and durability - you can trust our tools to get the job done.

A range of integrated features helps you get the most of out of your day:

  • 51cc engine capacity as part of a commercial grade engine
  • Bar length of 457mm
  • Anti-vibration soft grip handles
  • Safety brake
  • Automatic chain and bar oiling
  • Chain tensioner.
  • All of these add up to create a chainsaw which powers through different types of wood, maintains optimal speed, and is comfortable and easy to use.

    You get more than just a reliable chainsaw when you choose RYOBI - this model comes with a blade cover and a bottle of bar and chain oil.

    Add our 51cc 2 stroke chainsaw to your power garden tools collection today by heading into your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Bar Length : 457 mm

    Cut Capacity : 375 mm

    Chain Oiling: Auto

    Chain Oil Capacity : 350 ml

    Chain Speed : 22.6 m/sec

    Chain Gauge : 1.27 mm (0.050")

    Chain Pitch : 8.26 mm (0.325")

    No. of Drive Links: 72

    Safety Lock: No

    51cc 2 Stroke Chainsaw (457mm) - Model RCS5145N

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