Fuel System Tune-up Kit

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If you have a Ryobi or Homelite product with a 25cc, 26cc or 30cc engine, you may want to complete basic maintenance yourself. Ryobi sells a fuel system tune-up kit designed for these types of engine, letting you ensure your power garden tools are functioning at optimal capacity.
Each kit comes with:

  • Fuel line
  • Return line
  • Fuel filter
  • Primer bulb
  • Installation tool.
You will have everything you need to tune up your fuel system. Most components of this kit are also able to be used for 25.4cc engines, although they may need a different primer bulb, so check each model's requirements before carrying out any maintenance.
Discover the quality that Ryobi is known for when you purchase a fuel system tune-up kit. Every item meets our high standards and you can depend on Ryobi products to do the job right.
If you need a Ryobi fuel system tune-up kit, purchase yours from your local Bunnings store today!


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Fuel System Tune-up Kit - Model ACC041

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