Line Trimmer Spool Suits RLT36B33 & RLT36X33

RAC1207 SKU: 00296966

The Ryobi RAC1207 suits RLT36B33 & RLT36X33. It is the latest generation of user friendly Line Trimmer heads. This head has been specifically designed to make reloading the spool as simple and easy as possible. The reloading process is as follows:

  1. Line up the arrows on top of the cartridge to the eyelets and feed line in from one side to the other, then pull it through until it is even.
  2. Rotate the spool casing anti clockwise and watch the line wind onto the spool.
  3. Complete.
This user friendly design eliminates the frustration of the line tangling, flying off or twisting and best of all can be done in as little as a few minutes. Drop into store and ask your friendly Bunnings team member for a demonstration.
  • Twin Feed 2.0mm Line
  • Bump feed spool
  • 330mm Cutting Path


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Pack Qty
Suits Products
RLT36B33, RLT36X33
Line Thickness
2.0 mm