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150mm Pressure Washer Rotary Brush


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Give your windows and painted surfaces a deep clean with the RYOBI 150mm Pressure Washer Rotary Brush. This Rotary Brush uses hydro-driven gears to effectively remove dirt and grime from surfaces.

The rotating action of the bristles provides a cleaning performance suitable for cars, motorbikes and boats without the risk of removing or scratching paint. The long bristles get into the smallest gaps between panels while effectively scrubbing off dirt, bird droppings or pollen. This cleaning accessory is also ideal for use on painted exterior walls and windows.

This Rotary Brush is compatible with RYOBI AC pressure washers that have a max 2465PSI (140, 150 and 170 bar). These models include the RYOBI RACPWS1, RACPW140, RACPWS2 and RACPWS3 pressure washers.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Soft bristles for scratch-free cleaning
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    Hydro-driven gears generate a strong scrubbing action
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    Compatible with following models - ACPWS1, RACPW140, RACPWS2, RACPWS3
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    150mm Rotary Brush
    Soft Nylon
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