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RYOBI's line trimmers are lightweight and easy to handle, with powerful engines that make quick work of trimming and edging tasks. And if you need something with a little more muscle, the brushcutters are designed to cut through even the thickest weeds and brush.

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Line Trimmers are the unsung heros of outdoor power equipment, but which one is right for you? Explore the range.

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What to consider?

A clean edge separating the lawn and garden beds

What type of edging do you have?

Most gardens have a variety of edging materials, like concrete paths, timber, rocks and pavers. These will wear out your line trimmer’s line faster as you brush up against them. Thicker line withstands more contact, but check with the manufacturer for the right diameter line for your model – using the incorrect line can put excess strain on the motor.

Three different kinds of grass

Grass type and cutting frequency

Even broad leaf grass and weeds, if cut weekly or fortnightly, shouldn’t overtax a battery or electric line trimmer. But if you have a tendency to let nature run its course, a petrol-powered line trimmer or a more powerful brushcutter might be your best bet to slash down longer growth before mowing.

A Ryobi line trimmer with a curved shaft

Curved or straight shaft

Curved shaft trimmers, by design, suit shorter people and are often lighter than straight-shaft models (less fatigue). Curved shaft trimmers feel well-balanced and easy to manoeuvre. However, straight shaft units generate more power and reach under trees easily. Some can accept other attachments, too.

A lush, green garden with a white paved path curving through the lawn

Size of your garden

If you have a small to medium-size garden you can take advantage of cordless battery models or corded electric models. Both need very little maintenance and start instantly. Petrol-powered models are better suited to larger gardens or the really tough cutting tasks but require a bit more maintenance.

A Ryobi line trimmer cutting weeds and long grass

What's being cut

Understanding a line trimmer’s limitations will help you get the best outcome. Cutting through tall grass, weeds and trimming lawn edges are a no-brainer for your line trimmer. But thick, woody weeds, like blackberries, are more in the domain of a robust brushcutter with a purpose-built cutting head.


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