Leaf Blowers & Blower Vacs

Blower or Blower-Vacuum? Jet fan or Centrifugal fan? There are a few things worth knowing before choosing your next blower or vacuum.

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Are you still using a rake to clean up the yard and garden mess? A leaf blower will shave hours off cleaning up your deck, driveway and backyard. 

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What to consider

A trim lawn and neat garden beds

Size and type of garden

Let’s face it, every outdoor space has to contend with leaves, whether or not they’re yours! If you have lots of material to move, and maybe some distance to move it, you’ll need a blower with power and mobility. If you have narrow paths or a smaller backyard, you’ll want a blower with more control. And if you don’t want to blow leaves in your pool, a blower vac is a great option.

Autumn leaves

Material you need to shift

The type of material you need to shift or remove will help determine what type of blower or vacuum you’ll need. Damp, dense debris requires a blower with more air speed than if you need to move dry leaves or grass clippings. And if you want to mulch leaves to return them to the garden, you’ll need a blower vacuum that mulches.


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