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We all know what lawnmowers do, but the difficult part is knowing which one best suits your needs. You’ll find the perfect option in our wide range of easy to use lawn mowers. Whether you’re looking for a battery-powered, electric or a petrol mower, push, self-propelled, cylinder or ride-on, you’ll let us help you find your perfect solution here.

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When it comes to choosing a Lawn Mower it seems there's as many models as there are blade of grass in your lawn. Explore the full range.

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What to consider

A tennis court sprayed in white paint on a lush, green lawn

Size of lawn

If you have a small to medium lawn (1-2 tennis courts in size) that you mow regularly, cordless battery models or corded electric models are ideal. Both start instantly and need little maintenance. Petrol-powered mowers are better for larger lawns or longer grasses but require a bit more maintenance.

A vibrant green garden with a lush lawn, trees and shrubbery

Terrain & Topography

If you have a sloping or hilly lawn and/or trees and garden beds to mow around, a lightweight mower will be more manageable. While a model with a wider deck will get a big job done faster, a narrower deck will be easier to manoeuvre. A corded mower probably won’t suit a lawn with obstacles.

Three different grass types

Grass type & length

If you’re not a regular mower or you have thick blades of grass, you’ll probably need a model with a bit more grunt to deal with any overgrown patches or long weeds. Newer 36V battery models with brushless motors, or petrol-powered and electric mowers should all cope well with these conditions.

Ryobi lawn mower cutting a long lawn

Eco-friendly & less noise

If you would prefer not to be a ‘noisy neighbour’, battery-powered and electric models are quieter than traditional petrol-powered mowers. Battery and electric models also don’t emit any fumes and are considered more eco-friendly.


Battery, electric or petrol

Battery-powered models have no fuels, fumes or pull cords to struggle with. They start by squeezing a trigger and are ideal for small to medium lawns. Electric mowers never run out of power but are best used within 25m of an outlet. Petrol mowers have a bit more power, but require more maintenance and suit large lawns.

Ride-on Mowers

Tractor-style or zero-turn ride on mowers are perfect for properties with very large areas to mow (up to 2 acres on a single charge). Battery-powered models are basically maintenance-free, and have no fuels to pour and store, or spark plugs, belts and pulleys to replace. They are also quieter than petrol-powered models.


Brushless motors

A recent development in battery-powered motors is the brushless motor. These innovative motors generate less friction and therefore can deliver more power than standard brushed motors. They can also extend the run-time of batteries and have longer motor lifes. In mowers, this means more cutting power over a larger area.

Catch, mulch & side throw

Catching grass as you mow leaves a tidy finish and also lets sunlight in to keep your lawn healthy. Occasionally mulching small clippings can help return nutrients to the soil (just don’t overdo it). If neither option appeals, a side throw option discharges grass clippings away from your feet which you can clean up later with your blower.

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