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DIY projects to tackle over the weekend

Not sure what to do this weekend? Well you’ve come to the right place. No matter if you’re just starting out on the tools or you’re a well-seasoned DIYer, we’ve pulled together a list of home DIY projects.

RYOBI TEAM Thu, 02/29/2024 - 16:11

Make an upcycled bookcase

A man wearing a checked shirt and apron measures a panel on his DIY bookcase.

If you’re new to the tools and you’re looking for a fairly simple DIY project, this is a good one for you. For starters, there’s no shortage of bookcase inspo. Have a look around and check out some of the bespoke bookcases people are making. DIYers are building them from pallets, crate boxes, old wooden ladders and door frames. Gone are the days of flatpack bookcases and instead, it’s all about upcycled creations. Depending on the materials you end up going for, you’ll probably only need a RYOBI ONE+ Drill and Saw.

A DIY standing home office with a desk and storage cubes

Make a DIY standing home office

Not that any of us want to think about work on a weekend, but building a standing home office is another great, simple DIY project. If you’re worried about space, a wrap-around corner desk is a neat solution and it’s super easy to assemble to the wall. We recommend building it at standing height, so you can stand or sit on a high stool as you work. Tools wise, you’ll need a level, a RYOBI ONE+ Saw, Sander, Drill and you’re good to go!

DIY wooden, outdoor furniture set

Make or upcycle an outdoor dining set

The only thing that beats relaxing in your yard on an outdoor seating set, is relaxing in your yard on the outdoor seating set you made with your own bare hands (with the help of some RYOBI ONE+ tools). 

This project will take a couple of days and require some level of skill, but the materials and tools you need are really straightforward. Choice of wood is up to you, but cedar-coloured treated timber looks pretty sharp, or naturally rot-resistant woods like merbau and cypress also work well. Tool wise, you’ll need a couple of basic hand tools, a RYOBI ONE+ Saw, Drill and Sander. And if you already have an outdoor dining set that’s looking a bit tired, whip the sander out and prep it for a fresh coat of decking oil or paint.

Make a DIY treehouse

Wooden treehouse in forest area

Now this might seem like a large feat for the weekend, but once the word gets out that you’re building a treehouse, we’re pretty sure there’ll be a few little helpers putting up their hand. This is a great DIY project for kids and a nice challenge to set yourself for the weekend. So where to start?

The tree. This is going to determine the shape and layout of your treehouse. So make sure you spend some time mapping it out. Once you’ve got that sorted, have a look at the RYOBI ONE+ range to pick up any last minute tools you’ll need for the job.

A collage of inspiration from the My RYOBI Facebook community

Extra help and ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration, tips & tricks or just want to connect with other DIY and gardening fans just like you, come and join the My RYOBI Community Facebook group. It’s free. We’d love to see your latest project too!

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