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How to get your home ready for Christmas

If it's your turn to host the family Christmas get-together, here are some tips for getting your home in tip-top shape before the guests arrive. (You might want to give yourself an early Christmas present to make the job quicker and easier).

RYOBI TEAM Fri, 09/29/2023 - 11:41

Top tips for getting your home in tip-top shape

A home decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights


Nothing says Christmas more than Christmas lights (OK, maybe Santa Claus). Give yourself enough time to untangle last year's Christmas decorations and check if you need to top them up this year. Then use a cordless stapler to attach them to you entertainment area. A stapler with a depth adjuster won't damage any low-voltage wiring. Don't wait till the last minute, Christmas lights look good all through December. 

The trim entryway to a large, modern, cream house

First impressions

The journey from the street to your front door can be impressive if your paths and driveway are looking renewed and clean from dirt and debris. Hit them with a pressure washer a day or two before Christmas Day. That way they'll be clean and nice and dry when your guests arrive (no dirty footprints inside thank you).

A large brown front door on a grey weatherboard house

At the front door

While your invitees are ringing your doorbell, give them a chance to admire how fresh your entrance looks. A window vac will give you streak-free windows and no mess to clean at the bottom of the sills.

Inside the home

Dazzle your family and friends with your super-clean floors (hard floors and carpets) throughout your home. A cordless stick vac is not only light and powerful, it's really easy to use, so any member of the family can have a go (even clean up their own bedrooms!)

An outdoor entertainment area with a large table and chairs and a pool

Outside the home

Like many Aussies, if you're entertaining outdoors, a powered surface cleaner will give you deck or patio a freshen up. Just use it the day before to avoid any slippery surfaces. And before you put away the window vac, use it on any windows and glass doors that lead to your outdoor entertaining area.

Disassembled wooden outdoor seating


Where will everyone sit? Make sure all the outdoor furniture you plan on using is clean from dirt, moss and cobwebs. Give them a blast with your pressure washer (early enough so no-one ends up with wet pants!). If you still don't have enough chairs, pick up some trendy flatpack furniture and use your drill driver for speedy assembly.

The main event

A family enjoying Christmas lunch outdoors

If you've chosen to have a BBQ, make sure you check your gas bottle BEFORE Christmas Day. While your checking your barbecue gas bottle, just make sure the hotplates are clean. Nothing's worse than seeing the look on your guests' faces when you lift the barbecue lid to expose the black and gooey remnants of last months' chicken skewers. A wire brush wheel attached to your drill driver is great for cleaning the grill. 

And if you don't want your outdoors Christmas lunch to smell like lawn clippings, mow the grass at least the day before and blow away the clippings (or stick them in your green bin).

A man stands grilling burgers and sausages on a barbeque, with his Ryobi lamp lighting the space

The finishing touches

Finally, don't forget to ensure your RYOBI batteries are fully charged for the big day. You never know, you might just need your portable fan, some music and even some extra outdoor lighting to keep the party going.

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