18V ONE+ HP™ 9.0Ah Battery


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$ 279.00

Price correct as of 17th May 2024, 04:30am.

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Experience a whole new level of power and performance with the RYOBI 18V ONE+ 9.0Ah Lithium+ HP Battery.

This battery features advanced electronics to allow you to maximise tool performance with added capacity to all 18-Volt ONE+ tools.

With superior runtime, power, and performance, this battery can take on more demanding applications than ever before.

The inbuilt HP technology communicates with Brushless tools to maximise performance in demanding applications, allowing users to make faster cuts, drive larger screws, utilise bigger drill bits, etc.

And just like every other battery in the ONE+ range, this power comes at no cost to the battery's lifespan and performance over time. Each unit has temperature control and protection against deep discharge and overloading. It has a durably constructed frame for impact protection and has a built-in 4-bar illuminated charge indicator. These batteries can be paired with over 70 tools from RYOBI's 18-Volt ONE+ lineup.

For the ultimate durability and power, get yourself a RYOBI18V ONE+ 9.0Ah Lithium+ HP Battery from Bunnings today.
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    Compatible with more than 150 RYOBI 18V ONE+ tools
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    On-board fuel gauge indicates battery power status
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    Temperature control, overload and deep discharge protection
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    Intelli-Cell™ technology monitors and balances each individual cell
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    18V HP 9.0Ah Lithium Battery
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    18V ONE+

    Our ONE+ system's interchangeable battery powers over 150 tools ... and counting. It doesn't matter how many tools we release, our battery will never change. So your battery, new or old, will always fit every one of our tools. Make something to be proud of today with RYOBI ONE+