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45L Premium Blower Vacuum Dust Bag


I/N: 0297046
$ 44.99

Price correct as of 19th May 2024, 23:51pm.

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Has the bag in your RYOBI Blower Vac torn or gone missing? Replace it with a RYOBI Premium Vac Bag.

This 45L bag is made of breathable and long-lasting material, allowing maximum airflow and enhanced performance. It suits the RYOBI electric and 36V models: RBV2400ESF, RBV2400ESMP, RBV3600, and RBV3650.

These blower vac bags are available exclusively at Bunnings.
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    Premium breathable cloth maximises airflow and allows the bag to completely fill
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    High-quality zip
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    Generous 45L capacity
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    Compatible with RYOBI RBV2400ESF, RBV2400ESMP, RBV3600, and RBV3650
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    Blowing Debris/Leaves
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    Vacuuming Debris/Leaves
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    Gutter Cleaning
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    45L Blower Vac Bag thumbnail
    45L Blower Vac Bag
    Bag Capacity
    Bag Capacity
    Bag Opening
    Bag Opening
    default feature icon Blowing Debris/Leaves
    default feature icon Vacuuming Debris/Leaves
    default feature icon Gutter Cleaning

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