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150-Piece Driving Kit


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Equip your Drill Driver for driving various screw types with the RYOBI 150-Piece Driving Kit. Use this Kit for various DIY and home improvement jobs, repairs, furniture assembly and a lot more. It features 138 x Driving Bits (25mm, 50mm and 89mm sizes), 8 x Nut Setters, 3 x Socket Adaptors and 1 x 60mm Bit Holder.

With common drive types in different sizes, it’s easier to find the right fit for screw heads to avoid stripping them. Drive types in this Kit include Phillips, square (Robertson square), torx, hex, slotted (flat head).

Use the Nut Setters to drive hex-headed nuts, bolts and screws. The Socket Adaptors (¼”, ?” and ½” sizes) make it easier to connect sockets to your drill driver.

Get a secure grip on driving bits and extra length for fastening applications with the Magnetic Bit Holder.

All accessories are conveniently stored in a Carry Case. The clear lid makes it easy to find any bit/accessory.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Includes 138 screwdriver bits in 25mm, 50mm and 89mm sizes
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    Incudes 8x nut drivers in various sizes for driving hex head bolts, screws and nuts. Ideal for installing roofing on DIY decking jobs
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    Includes 3x key socket adaptor sizes
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    Now includes an additional 5x 25mm screwdriver bits
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    Nut Drivers
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    Screwdriver Bits
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    Socket Adaptors
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