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30” Ride-On Lawn Mower Catching Blades & Catcher


I/N: 0264666
$ 499.00

Price correct as of 17th May 2024, 04:30am.

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Update your mower to include the RYOBI 30" Catching Blades and Catcher.

Featuring specially designed blade geometry, these replacement mower blades offer the best catching performance with the RYOBI 30" Ride On Lawn Mower (RM300E).

The catcher kit has a large capacity (200L), reducing the number of times needed to empty the unit while allowing users to store and easily dispose of grass clippings after mowing. An on-board monitor notifies you when the bag is full, so there's no guesswork. The combination of catching blades and the nylon mesh bin provide superior airflow and bagging performance.

When changing mower blades, it's best to replace all the blades at once to ensure even distribution and cutting performance.

The 30" Catching Blades and Catcher is available exclusively at Bunnings.
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    Specially designed blade geometry for best performance
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    Nylon locking nuts for ease of replacemen
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    Cutting grass
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