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Dethatcher Attachment


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Turn your RYOBI Scarifier into a dethatching tool with the RYOBI Dethatcher attachment. Swap it out with the scarifying attachment in your OSF1835BL or R36XSCF10 RYOBI Scarifier. It's designed for removing thatch (dead grass) from your lawn. The Dethatcher's long tines spin and grab top layers of thatch, which are collected in debris catcher.

After the top layer of thatch has been removed from your lawn, water and nutrients can reach grass roots and promote healthier growth. Dethatching is a less intensive process compared to scarifying and can be performed multiple times a year.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Designed to promote healthy lawn growth
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    Removes thatch (dead grass) from lawn
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    Compatible with following models - OSF1835BL, R36XSCF10
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    35cm Dethatcher Attachment thumbnail
    35cm Dethatcher Attachment

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