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Line Trimmer Bump Knob (curved shaft)


I/N: 0237661
$ 16.99

Price correct as of 17th May 2024, 04:30am.

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This line trimmer bump knob is designed to fit Ryobi curved shaft line trimmers. No matter how often you use your line trimmer, proper care and maintenance is key to keeping it working at its best. If you replace worn or broken parts as soon as you notice them, you can help ensure your power garden tools continue to work for years to come.

Made from durable plastic, this black line trimmer bump knob has handy grip points to make it easy to grasp and turn - you won't have to remove your gloves or worry about loosening it in the future.

Every item in our massive range of tools and hardware is manufactured to the same exacting standards, so you know you can count on Ryobi power tools and accessories.

If you need one of these replacement parts to operate your line trimmer, head down to your nearest Bunnings Warehouse today.
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    Cutting grass
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    Defining an Edge
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    default feature icon Defining an Edge

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