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150mm Hook and Loop Converter Pad


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The RYOBI 150mm Hook and Loop Converter Pad is an accessory used to enable the compatibility of hook and loop accessories for backing pads, orbital sanders, and bench sanders. Additionally, it can be used as a replacement for existing hook and loop pads on power tools.

One side of the pad has an extremely strong adhesive, which will bind to surfaces, ensuring its secure and enabling end users to switch between different accessories with ease.

The Converter Pad is compatible with any suitable hook and loop accessory including sandpaper, cutting, polishing and waxing pads.

You can purchase the RYOBI 150mm Hook and Loop Converter Pad both in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Repair/Convert existing Hook and loop system
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    Strong Binding Adhesive For Secure Fitment
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    150mm Hook and Loop Converter Pad

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