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12PC Twist Lock Cutting Set


I/N: 0438377
$ 45.99

Price correct as of 17th May 2024, 04:30am.

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Equip your rotary tool to cut metal with the RYOBI 12-Piece Twist Lock Cutting Set. This great value Set includes 11 x 38mm Twist Lock Cutting Discs, Twist Lock Mandrel and a Carry Case for organised storage and transport.

The thin design of the 38mm Twist Lock Cutting Discs removes less material, which makes cutting faster and cleaner. They're great for cutting through hard to remove bolts, screws and nails. These Cutting Discs are also suitable for trimming and shaping metal and PVC plastic components in larger projects. The large 38mm diameter creates a higher velocity at the cutting edge - while rotating at up to 35,000rpm.

The Twist Lock Mandrel attaches securely to the Cutting Discs and enables tool-free changeovers. It accommodates Cutting Discs up to 4.8mm thick. The Twist Lock Mandrel's 3.2mm diameter shank makes it compatible with RYOBI and other brands of rotary tools.

The Carry Case provides a convenient storage option for the Twist Lock Cutting Discs and Twist Lock Mandrel. A snap lock keeps accessories secure inside. The case bit holders can be removed for mobile storage. A stand-up feature makes it easier to store this Carry Case in tubs and toolboxes.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Kit includes: 11 x 38mm Twist Lock Cutting Discs, Twist Lock Mandrel and a Carry Case
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    Twist lock connection for tool-free blade changes (Twist Lock Mandrel)
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    Great for fine cuts in metal, PVC and nails (Twist Lock Cutting Discs)
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    Snap lock, removable case bit holders (Carry Case)
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    Stand up feature with storage tub (Carry Case)
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    Twist Lock Mandrel
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    38mm Twist Lock Cut Off Disc
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