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5x Pinned Scroll Saw Blades (15TPI)


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$ 17.99

Price correct as of 17th May 2024, 04:30am.

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Never be wanting for scroll saw blades again with this five pack of 15TPI pinned scroll saw blades from Ryobi. Designed to fit the Ryobi 125W 405mm scroll saw, these blades are built to be durable and resilient to last through your many cutting and woodworking projects. Enjoy clean and accurate cuts through all different kinds of timber with the 133mm long, 15 teeth-per-inch (TPI) blades.

These blades are designed to give you quality clean cuts and feature:
• 15TPI for smooth finishes
• Pinned connection points for easier attachment
• Can be used on all sorts of timber
• Suitable for the Ryobi RSW1240G scroll saw.

These blades feature a pinned connection point, making them easy to attach and remove from the scroll saw and giving you more time to focus on your woodworking while spending less time replacing blades.

If you're after a five pack of Ryobi 15TPI pinned scroll saw blades, or other accessories from Ryobi's range of quality tools and hardware, contact your nearest Bunnings Warehouse to check availability.
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    15TPI for smooth finishes
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    Pinned connection points for easier attachment
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    Can be used on all sorts of timber
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    Suitable for the Ryobi RSW1240G scroll saw.
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    Drilling into wood
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    133mm 15TPI Pinned Scroll Blades
    default feature icon Drilling into wood

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