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Reciprocating Saw Blade 4-piece Set


I/N: 0350966
$ 17.99

Price correct as of 19th May 2024, 23:54pm.

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The RYOBI Reciprocating Saw Blade 4-Piece Set has blades ideal for cutting into wood, metal, tree branches and roots. The set includes a variety of lengths to make quick, rough cuts in timber, branches and metal – making it great for demolition work.

These reciprocating saw blades come in different lengths and TPI (teeth per inch) to cover a range of tasks and materials:
• 6" 6 TPI Wood Blade
• 6" 14 TPI Metal Blade
• 9" 5/6 TPI Pruning/Wood Blade
• 9" 14 TPI Metal Blade

The pruning blade features dual directional teeth designed to cut in both directions for a faster cut. Make quick work of materials of a larger diameter such as metal pipes and thicker timber noggins with the longer 9" (228mm) blades. Each of the 4 reciprocating saw blades feature a universal shank to fit into any existing reciprocating saw. Pick up yours today from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Longer 9” (228mm) blades for cutting larger diameter materials
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    Pruning blades feature dual directional teeth
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    Universal shank
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