LINK™ 15 Piece Wall Storage Kit - With Screws


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Create your own modular wall storage system and eliminate clutter with the RYOBI LINK™ 15-Piece Wall Kit. Install the Wall Rails (see video) and use these LINK™ hooks, holders, crates and tubs to get items off the floor and onto the wall — where they’re out of the way and easy to find!

It’s the ideal storage solution for the garage, shed, laundry or any other room where you need to maximise storage space. This Kit includes 5 x Wall Rails, 1 x Double Organiser Tub, 2 x Reversible Hooks, 2 x Reversible J Hooks and 1 x Large Multi Purpose Hook, 1 x Double Hook, 1 x S Hook and 1 x Large Standard Hook plus the mounting screws and wall plugs.

The LINK Wall Rails provide a solid base for your LINK modular storage system. Each LINK Wall Rail is 838mm wide and has visible mounting points and channels for easy installation. The Rails are made from a high strength polymer material and support up to 94kg (31kg per 280mm).

Use the LINK Metal Hooks to hang a wide range of power, garden and cleaning tools. They’re also great storage options for camping and sports equipment. The LINK Hooks are made from steel for enhanced durability and have a non-slip coating for extra grip. Mount the LINK Reversible Hooks in multiple positions to create more storage options. The LINK Organiser Tub is ideal for storing accessories and also clips into LINK mobile storage products for full system compatibility.

This LINK 15-Piece Wall Kit is part of the RYOBI LINK Modular Storage system designed to revolutionise the way you store, organise and transport your tools, equipment, hobby materials … you name it! All LINK products use the same interlocking design, which enables you to customize the way you store your gear. Discover the variety of LINK hooks, tubs, toolboxes and organisers. As your tool collection grows, the RYOBI LINK Modular System can evolve with it.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.

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    Part of the RYOBI LINK™ modular storage system

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    Wall Rails support up to 94kg (31kg per 280mm)

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    Visible mounting points for easy installation (Wall Rails)

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    Installation Channels making it easier to install wall rails on or inbetween differt stud distances

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    Non-slip coating for extra grip (Metal Hooks, Reversible Hooks)

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    RYOBI® LINK 15 Piece Wall Storage Kit - With Screws thumbnail
    RYOBI® LINK 15 Piece Wall Storage Kit - With Screws
    Water Dust Protected
    Water Dust Protected
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    LINK™ 15 Piece Wall Storage Kit - With Screws - Manual

    RYOBI LINK™ is the ultimate modular storage solution for anyone who wants to reduce clutter and reclaim valuable floor space in their garage, garden shed or laundry. With so many wall-hanging and mobile storage options – that fit together securely and safely – you’ll wonder how you lived without them.