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Stud Finder With Ac Detection


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Use the RYOBI Stud Finder with AC Detection the next time you need to locate a timber stud behind your plaster wall, great for DIY jobs like hanging heavy artwork and large photos, installing TV brackets, floating shelves and wall anchors for bookshelves.

This Stud Finder can detect timber studs, metal and live electrical wires behind plaster board and gyprock. The seven LED lights can detect the location and width of studs behind walls and the large centre. It also helps guide you towards the centre of the stud, with the large Centre LED lighting up once cantered on a stud.

The Stud Finder's intuitive design is easy to use one-handed, so you'll always have the other hand free to press the built-in stud marker to show where the centre of a stud is. Auto-calibrated and auto-depth scan technology enables you to scan up to 38mm deep. Simply press the button with the unit pressed against the wall where you believe there is no stud, then it will calibrate and its ready to start locating.

The Stud Finder's large centre LED turns red to warn you when a live electrical wire has been detected. For the most accurate AC detection, place your free hand onto the wall 30cm away from where you are scanning to absorb the static. 2 x AA batteries are included so you're ready to use the Stud Finder for your next project.

Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Intuitive design for one-handed operation
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    7 LED’s highlight the location and direction to the centre of the stud
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    Detects metal, timber and live electrical wires
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    Auto-calibrated and auto-depth scan technology enables scans up to 38mm deep
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    Built-in stud marker for marking out the centre of studs
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    Ryobi Stud Detector
    LED Light
    LED Light
    One Handed Operation
    One Handed Operation
    Autodepth Scan
    Autodepth Scan

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