Tile Saws

500W 178mm Tile Saw (178mm)


I/N: 0224565
$ 329.00

Price correct as of 19th May 2024, 23:59pm.

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Consistently cut your tiles to size when you add RYOBI's 500W tile saw to your collection of power tools. Its powerful induction motor is built to handle even the toughest tile-cutting projects.

This table saw comes with a stainless steel top fit with a bevel table plus numerous features that allow you to make mitre cuts, diagonal joins, cross cuts, rips and even bevelled edges. With this tile saw in your workshop, you'll be making straight-line cuts like a pro in no time.

The 500W tile saw comes with lots of useful features, including:

• Adjustable blade guard
• Diamond tile cutting wheel
• 178mm tilecutting blade
• Mitre gauge and rip guide.

As a DIYer, you'll know that it takes quality tools and hardware to complete projects efficiently and effectively around your home; you'll love the accuracy this tool will bring to your tiling projects. The table stand has folding legs and rubber stoppers to keep it steady plus convenient handles either side to help you easily move it around your workshop.

Head into your nearest Bunnings Warehouse to pick up this tile saw.
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    Diamond tile cutting wheel for clean cuts
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    Adjustable blade guard
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    178mm tilecutting blade allow you to make mitre cuts, diagonal joins, cross cuts, rips and even bevelled edges
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    Cutting Tile
  • default usage icon
    Masonary Tile
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    500W Tile Saw (178mm)
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    default feature icon Cutting Tile
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