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125mm Lambswool Buffing Bonnet


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Price correct as of 17th May 2024, 04:30am.

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Use the RYOBI 125mm Lambswool Buffing Bonnet to Buff and polish surfaces with your 125mm buffer/polisher. It's made from 100% Australian lambswool, which is great for giving your vehicle that showroom finish.

The soft and gentle fibres won't leave scratches or marks on surfaces. Lambswool is also highly absorbent. It holds more polishing compound/wax than synthetic fabrics and distributes them evenly for consistent results.

With an elastic fitment, this Buffing Bonnet is easy to attach and remove from buffing wheels and backing pads. Use it to buff and polish vehicles and a wide range of materials including stainless steel, metal, timber, glass and engineered stone. Available in-store and online from Bunnings Warehouse.
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    Made from 100% Australian lambswool
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    Elastic fitment
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    Suitable for polishing and buffing
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    Available in sizes 125mm, 175mm and 254mm
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    175mm Buffing & Polishing Foam Backing Pad thumbnail
    175mm Buffing & Polishing Foam Backing Pad
    100% Australian Lambs Wool
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