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Home decor ideas you can DIY

Sprucing up the old abode can be a lot of fun. But sometimes, you can't quite find what you're looking for or the price tag is out of this world. Luckily, we've got the perfect solution. DIY. Have a read through our list of home decor ideas, pick your favourite and open up that RYOBI tool box.

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A DIY picture ledge made using a plank of wood and rope

Make your own picture ledge

If you’re on the hunt for some home decorating ideas on a budget, this could be the perfect project for you. All up the materials will cost you around $10. You’ll need some wood (this can be scrap pieces leftover from another project), glue, clamps and your choice of paint. Tools wise, you’ll need a RYOBI ONE+ Saw, Drill and Sander. Gather up your picture frames, pop them on your DIY display and show off what you’ve made to your friends and family.

A woman stands in a studio admiring the piece of art she'd just completed

Make your own statement art piece

Stuck for a living room decorating idea? It can be tricky finding something to complement everything else you’ve got going on in your living room. But we’ve got just the solution. Head to a fabric store and pick out your favourite piece of fabric. Maybe it’s a floral number or a sleek Scandividan design. Then grab your RYOBI ONE+ Staple Gun, a pair of scissors or USB Lithium Power Cutter and a canvas and make your own statement art piece. Tip: measure the space on your wall so you know how big you want your canvas. You could also have a crack at making your own frame if you’re after a little more DIY.

A wooden, DIY blanket ladder used in a bathroom to store towels and beauty products

Make your own blanket ladder

These days rustic ladders are more commonly seen inside stylish living rooms than in the hands of a tradie. But unfortunately, the price of these ladders has skyrocketed since they became trendy. So why not save the money and have a crack at doing-it-yourself? All you need is a RYOBI ONE+ Saw, Sander, Drill and measuring tape from your tool bag. And some wood glue, screws, a paint brush and paint or stain.

Using a RYOBI Staple Gun to create a DIY headboard

Make your headboard look brand new

There are a lot of good looking headboards out there, but unfortunately a lot of them come with a hefty price tag. Good news is, it’s actually a lot easier than you think to reupholster your own. All you’ll need is some multi-purpose fabric (make sure you get enough to stretch around the back), a RYOBI ONE+ Staple Gun, staples, fabric scissors and some sewing pins (you’ll only need to do a little bit of sewing) and you’re good to go!

Make your own couch sleeve

If you’re short on space in your living room, a couch sleeve is a great substitute for a coffee table. Never heard of a couch sleeve? Essentially, they sit on the arm of your couch like a ‘sleeve’, so you can rest your coffee mug... or glass of wine on it. 

A DIY, wooden couch sleeve holding orange juice, chips and the tv remote

The key to making it as stable as a coffee table is to measure out the length of the arm of the sofa before cutting the wood. Here’s a list of the materials you’ll need: wooden board (of your choice) cut into three equal lengths, a piece of thin plywood, wood glue, wood stain, grade 0000 steel wool (you’ll need this to lightly buffer your wood after you’ve applied a coat of wood stain) and polyurethane. And tools wise, you’ll want a: RYOBI ONE+ Drill, Sander, measuring tape, hole saw, clamps and a pencil.

A wooden, DIY entryway organiser to hold bags and coats

Make an entryway organiser

An Entryway Organiser is one of those things that you never really knew had a name. Until now. Essentially it’s the thing you hang by your front door to hold all your belongings, like keys, jackets, hats, etc. If you’re looking for a short one hour DIY project, something that’ll cost you around $10-$15, look no further. Materials wise, you’ll need scrap wood, ceiling hooks, wall hooks, stain, screws and nails. And from your tool box, you’ll want a RYOBI ONE+ Sander and Drill.

There you have it. Nine home interior design ideas to spruce up your space. Remember to check out the full RYOBI ONE+ range for any tools you might need to start on your next project.

A collage of inspiration from the My RYOBI Facebook community

Extra help and ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration, tips & tricks or just want to connect with other DIY and gardening fans just like you, come and join the My RYOBI Community Facebook group. It’s free. We’d love to see your latest project too!

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