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Be Inspired by RYOBI

Feeling creative but lacking inspiration? These RYOBI fans have created everything from works of art through to indoor styling, tiny home renovations, garage make-overs and outdoor constructions. Take a look…

RYOBI TEAM Mon, 09/18/2023 - 11:24
Misha Harrison sits in front of her Be Inspired wooden wall art

Flower Power

NSW artist Misha Harrison is a full-time artist, utilising the unusual medium of plywood as her mainstay. Check out her commissioned piece that will hang in RYOBI’S Australian HQ, and read her interview with Barry Du Bois.

"It’s all about human connection, showing human touch in the handmade- something that is becoming rare in this day and age where everything is mass produced and ready made."

Dion Horstmans
Dion Horstman stands in overalls with arms folded in front of his RYOBI metal artwork

Heavy Metal

Dion Horstmans is a hands-on artist turning steel into sculptures. There can’t be too many people using angle grinders artistically! He even reckons steel is ‘forgiving’

Jason Hodges wears eye protection as he stands in between two hedges using a RYOBI hedge trimmer to cut one side

Get Growing

Gardening guru Jason Hodges talks all things Backyards, Buxus Balls and Berry.

The inside of a motor home before and after renovation. One side is dark wood tones, one side brighter white.

Tiny Home on Wheels Transformation

With more Aussies looking at holidaying at home, what better way to explore than in a luxury home on wheels.