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Spool Cartridge & Line (1.2mm)


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Keep yourself and your family safe with the RYOBI replacement M10 nylon nuts. For the owner of any brushcutter, no doubt you'll need to remove the blades at some point. Perhaps for cleaning or replacing the blade, you'll find you screw the nuts on and off a number of times over their lifetime. And each turn is costing that nut some of its core strength and durability.

Eventually, you may face the situation where you brushcutter is no longer securely fixed to its blade, which could risk it coming loose at operating speed. To make sure this is not a possibility, it's recommended you replace the nuts as you replace the blade.

Get your RYOBI replacement M10 nylon nuts from your local Bunnings Warehouse today.
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    Ideal for replacing nuts on brushcutter
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    3x M10 nylon nuts
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    Cutting grass
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    Defining an Edge
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    default feature icon Cutting grass
    default feature icon Defining an Edge

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