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Replacement Shredder Blades


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Keep your impact shredder running at peak performance with RYOBI shredder blades. These high-performance blades come with everything you need to easily replace your old impact shredder blades. The 4 bolts are more than tough enough to avoid excess wear on the blade. The 2 double-sided blades themselves are sharp and durable enough to prevent excess clogging or stalling.

Even for the toughest garden waste, the RYOBI shredder blades can handle it with ease. From old vines to tough old trees – you can always expect the mess to be well handled. And you'll find there's no disadvantage to shredding wet or dry items, as damp leaves and dry branches can all be easily dealt with. To get your shredding jobs done right, be sure to fit your impact shredder with RYOBI shredder blades.

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    2 double-sided blades with 4 bolts
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    Suitable for wet or dry garden waste
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    Tough, durable construction
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    Compatible with RSH2445B
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    Cutting grass
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    Defining an Edge
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Special Order
    default feature icon Cutting grass
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    default feature icon Defining an Edge

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